Tattoos Over Scars : Reclaiming Your Body

Scars are part of our lives, but when it is too hard to live with them, the solution of tattoos over scars can help people to make up with their physical appearance. Recently, great progress has been made in plastic surgery thanks to tattoo art. Breast cancer survivors with mastectomy surgery scars are now able to reclaim their feminity with lovely tattoos, as well as burnt persons, with re-pigmentation. People with surgery, accident and self-harm scars, as well as stretch marks, often call on tattoo artists’ services to help them. It is a process full of emotions, which requires tact and experience. Each scar has got its solution, but also its difficulties. So, if you want to cover a scar with a tattoo, please find the time to make your researches and choose a tattoo artists with a solid experience in tattooing scars. If your tattoo artists is not enough experienced, the lines could blow or look quirky. If it is possible to insert ink in scar tissues, the result won’t look the same as in the rest of the tattoo. Also, if you had nerve damages, the tattoo can be more painful than expected. That’s why you should also ask dermatology advices and wait for your scars to be fully healed. But keep something important in mind : tattoos won’t make your scars disappear, nor make its texture nicer to the eyes… It is just a psychological way to accept it, and to find your body more beautiful. Scars can be integrated to a tattoo, hiding it with clever use of colors and placement. Some tattoos over scars are really inspiring and heart-warming. The people wearing them deserve our respect and love, for they learnt to love themselves the hard way. Either to admire their strength or to get inspiration for reclaiming your body, you can take a look at these awe-inspiring tattoos over scars…

A Phoenix tattoo is often chosen by survivors. Here, covering a tummy scar by Anna Belozyorova.

Biomechanical sleeve over burnt skin by Guy Aitchison.

Some tattoo artists are specializing in helping people loving their wounded body again. Tattoo by Melissa Fusco.

Tattoo is now a popular way to forget the pain and fear of mastectomy surgery for breast cancer survivors. Gorgeous tattoo by David Allen.

You can't erase scars, but wearing a masterpiece can help you love your body again. Dotwork by Lewis Ink.

First step in the cover-up of a tummy scar by Elena Belyaykina.

Work by Timur.

Impressive work by Pavel Stepanov over cardiac surgery scars.

A great way to forget about darker times of your life. Tattoo by Colby.

White ink tattoos look like scars. So why not using them to turn scars prettier? By Dimon Taturin.

A watercolor shell on a smaller scar, also by Elena Belyaykina.

Over burnt skin, by Marek Pawlik.

Tattoo has offered a new eye to this man. Unknown artist, please tell in comments if you know.

What's more important? The scars on her arm or the smile on her face? Don't forget to love yourself...

Sources: Tattoo Artist Magazine’s Blog and Tattrx.



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