Splendid Fine Art Tattoos For Art Collectors

We all have a piece of art that moves us more than anything else, a favorite painting, sculpture, drawing or graffiti. Art is inspirational, it makes us dream and think more positively about the world we live in. Art makes us more happy. That’s why we want to keep it with us, in a frame in our home, on clothes or accessories, but also inside our skin. That’s why Fine Art tattoos are so popular. They are indeed gorgeous, but also all very personal to their owners. There are Fine Art tattoos for all types of collectors. Some enjoy visiting the museums and admire classic pieces of famous artists. Other prefers to go to the art galleries to see modern and contemporary artists. There are even those who are walking on the streets to see fresh creations on the walls… Masterpieces are everywhere, and they all have their own fans. From Leonardo da Vinci to Alphonse Mucha, and to Salvador Dali to Banksy, art is crossing time and is the legacy of Humanity. Our ancestors dubbed tattooed people “living art galleries”: and you, what are the masterpieces that can be admired on your skin museum? What are your favorite pieces of art and would you get them tattooed? If you love art, then take a tour in our temporary collection of Fine Art tattoos…

A full Van Gogh painting on the side by Wang.

Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, inked by Victor Montaghini.

A romantic piece of painter Bouguereau tattooed by Timothy B Boor.

The contemporary abstract art of Kandinsky inked by Steph Hanlon.

Epic Bouguereau half sleeve by Royal Jafarov!

The iconic dove of Picasso by RorschArt.

Another tiny version of a Picasso by Popo.

Badass chestpiece by Noah Minuskin inspired by a painting by Caravaggio...

Lovely ink version of a painting of Tamara de Lempicka by Lauren Fenlon.

Cool Keith Haring tattoo by Kevin King!

Lovely Egon Schiele forearm by Joe Moo...

A Rembrandt on the shoulder by Esther Garcia.

Another Egon Schiele by Eheon.

Rembrandt's selfportrait by David Corden.

Gorgeous Mucha thigh piece by David Boggins.

Splendid Mucha by Craig Foster.

Ink masterpieces also get art prizes. Caravaggio selfportrait by Benjamin Laukis. fine art tattoos



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