Man Has Raybans Tattooed On His Face

Redness and some bleeding is seen around the tattooed area in some frames – and Matthew himself certainly appears to be no stranger to tattoos.

The sound of the needle can be heard on the video – although it’s hard to tell if the needle is actually piercing the skin.

With the ‘faked’ precedent set by Never Hide Film’s previous productions, the debate is continuing around the internet – and will likely just cause even more people to view the video.

For Ray-Ban at least, then, the question of whether the tattoo is real or not is irrelevant: As a viral advertising campaign, it is a wild success.

So did Matthew really tattoo a pair of Ray-Bans on to his face? A Ray-Ban spokesman in the UK was not immediately able to comment.

raybans-tattooed-faceSome of the videos have been wildly successful. One film that shows a man catching a pair of Ray-Bans with his face in increasingly outlandish situations has been viewed four million times in one year.

‘What made this video a success was that it used an existing YouTube meme (amazing and unbelievable actions performed over and over again with increasing difficulty, such as long basketball shots…) but did so in a very fluid and believable way,’ The Future of Ads explained.

Another video – that of a cow giving birth to a man (a man wearing, of course, a pair of Ray-Bans) – is a success because of its shock value, the blog claimed.

Another advertising blog, Adverblog, wrote: ‘Overall you can easily say RayBan is very successfully reaching a broad, worldwide online crowd spreading the Never Hide message’ with the virals.