How much does a tattoo cost?

$aving for what matters!

Other than asking: “will getting a tattoo hurt?” (Yes, of course it will. Real tattoos are injected with a needle not licked on by puppies. The more important thing is knowing personal pain tolerance.) Cost is one of the most common tattoo questions. Hopefully this article will provide an answer to the price of a tattoo. The main factors are size, placement, and detail.

If you go locally, tattoo shops (or parlors) have a minimum amount that they charge. So whether that little flower is on your wrist or your finger, it’ll cost the same. Shop minimum varies with location. On the outskirts of Chicago you can’t get quality art for less than $60. Places in the UK have a minimum that is the US equivalent of just over $50 to about $90. Places in Paris or Amsterdam charge about $200/hour. When it comes to pricing it just depends on where you’re getting your tattoo done. It can be more, or it can be less, there may be an hourly rate or the artist may individually price each tattoo that they do. In terms of money just remember, you get what you pay for. The saying is true, good tattoos aren’t cheap and cheap tattoos aren’t good.

If you’re reading this article because you’re wondering how much a tattoo will cost, it’s likely that you’ve already committed to wearing one all the days of your life. If that’s the case, first be sure of your design. If it’s your very first tattoo keep the artwork you want to get inked somewhere you will constantly see it for a few months. This is a good test for people with virgin skin because if you do decide to get that traditional piece on your leg you will see it every single day. So before going permanent keep your idea with you before it’s on you, just to be sure you still love it the same as when you thought of it at 4am after too many cups of coffee. Tattoo newbie or fully sleeved rockstar the best tattoos are the ones you’ve thought through. Once the design you want is on lockdown start searching for artists. Who does your tattoo is crucial. You want someone who’s reputable and also has skill as well interest in the type of work you want done. For me it’s not necessary but certainty nice to find an artist you ‘click’ with or have a good rapport. People get tattoos at pivotal points in their lives and whoever does the work is going to hear the story behind it. Have a great idea but can’t draw it out? Contact the amazing artists at Tattoodo for a one-of-a-kind work of art!

For those who want to know how much pain to be prepared for:


Of course, several factors play into this comparison but it makes a valid point.



tattoos in places like these typically range from $60-$200

A white ink sleeve like this requires time and skill, more detail means more money.

photo realistic work like this can cost upwards of $400~if you know the artist please comment.



dreaming up your next one...or wondering how you'll pay for it.



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