Cover-up tattoos: What to do?

Cover-up tattoos are one of the most difficult tattoos to pull off especially when dealing with big, unwanted tattoos. One has to understand that cover-ups take time for a tattoo artist to figure out and work on because they may be dealing with difficult tattoos to cover up, and of course, they are dealing with skin which has already been tattooed. Unfortunately, many people still get bad tattoos. So if you’re one of the unfortunate ones, cheer up, read on and take note of these helpful tips to avoid getting a bad cover-up tattoo the second time around.

1. In the first place, AVOID getting tattoos that you will regret any time in the future.


Think of getting your girlfriend’s name tattooed across your chest, next to your heart? …Think again. Unless you are 100% sure, then by all means do so. But let it not be said that we didn’t warn you.

2. The key to a good cover-up is to find a skilled tattoo artist who can do it for you. 


Look for good cover-up artists by checking their portfolio for cover-up works and see if they have really transformed the old tattoos well. Once you have chosen your artist, consult him for artistic suggestions and keep an open mind.

3. Faded tattoos are fairly easy to cover up. But when it comes to dark tattoos and overworked skin, it could be from difficult to impossible. 


It really depends on the condition of your old tattoo and skin type. Like in the image above, the bunny was easily covered up because the lines weren’t as bold and the colors weren’t as heavily packed as the new one. The Shark has gobbled it up completely. Unfortunately, some tattoos (like big and dark tattoos, for instance) are difficult to cover up. It leaves a mental challenge to the artists. So it is important to find a good cover-up artist because he/she would be the instrument of transformation. For more specific information, consult your tattoo artist about this. He will know best once he sees you and your old tattoo in person.

4. You can’t just take any tattoo to cover up an old one. 


Not all tattoo designs are good for cover-up. If the coverage is big, we suggest that you listen to your artist and keep an open mind about his artistic visions. What he may have in mind could be more grand and visually stimulating. So if you are 100% sure that you have found the perfect artist for you, then trust him. Also, solid black tattoos can’t be covered up with light-colored ones like Yellow or Lime green. Just like you can’t cover-up that bigass star and turn it yellow. It just wouldn’t work that way. However, if your old tattoo is more of faded black than solid black, your artist may find a way to cover it up with a colored tattoo. Again, this would depend on the condition of your old tattoo.



5. Not all scars can be covered up easily. 


There are different kinds of scars. There are tough scars (which affect a deeper area of the skin) while some are light & minor scars that are easy to cover up with a tattoo. If you have a scar that you wish to hide, evaluate if it is safe and consult your physician and seek for approval first. In the image above, we can clearly see how Guy Aitchison beautifully transforms damaged skin and gives it hope to be beautiful again.

Hope you had a good read. Good luck on your new tattoo! 🙂