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Can I go Swimming with a New Tattoo?

Turtle by Charlie @ Timebomb, Croydon Taking care of your new piece of body art is crucial. One part of post-tattoo care is to avoid swimming or soaking your new tattoo in water for up to four weeks, depending on the rate that your tattoo heals. During the weeks immediately after a new tattoo is […]

The Girl With The Viral Tattoo: With One Facebook Post She Inspired An Important Conversation About Mental Illness

Last week, Bekah Miles, a 20-year-old woman from Canby, Oregon, took to her personal Facebook page to show off her new tattoo. But this was not the typical “look at me” social media post motivated by vanity. On the contrary, it was a brave “listen to me” post in which she selflessly exposed her personal […]

Why I Took My 7-Year-Old to a Tattoo Parlor

Thinking about getting your kid’s ears pierced? Why a reputable tattoo parlor may be safer than using the piercing gun at the mall Last month, following a long period of girlish cajoling, my daughter finally got her ears pierced in celebration of her 7th birthday. The setting was not the traditional mall kiosk staffed by […]


$aving for what matters! Other than asking: “will getting a tattoo hurt?” (Yes, of course it will. Real tattoos are injected with a needle not licked on by puppies. The more important thing is knowing personal pain tolerance.) Cost is one of the most common tattoo questions. Hopefully this article will provide an answer to […]

Should employers be more relaxed about tattoos?

While I don’t know anybody who may have been refused a job or fired from one because of their body art, I am sure it does go on, says Oxford tattoo artist Andreas Moore. Employers are well within their rights to turn somebody down for a job and I would always respect their decision. Ultimately, […]