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The Girl With The Viral Tattoo: With One Facebook Post She Inspired An Important Conversation About Mental Illness

Last week, Bekah Miles, a 20-year-old woman from Canby, Oregon, took to her personal Facebook page to show off her new tattoo. But this was not the typical “look at me” social media post motivated by vanity. On the contrary, it was a brave “listen to me” post in which she selflessly exposed her personal […]


When I started noticing semicolon tattoos becoming prevalent within the tattooing community I couldn’t help but wonder what the significance of it was. It had to be something much more significant than a movement bucking Kurt Vonnegut’s most hated punctuation mark, and it turns out that it is. The Semicolon Project was created to raise awareness […]

Parents Get Tattoos To Match Daughter’s Birthmark That Covers Half Her Body

The parents of a little girl with a bright red birthmark that covers almost half of the right side of her body tattooed themselves with the same markings so she wouldn’t feel alone. Tanya Phillips (40), said the birthmark is a side effect of medical difficulties her daughter experienced after birth. “She’s struggled to breathe […]

Tattoos: Art or mass consumption?

From watercolor impressionism to black geometrical outlines: Top tattoo artists are reinventing skin art. People travel around the world to get unique pieces. Would you? Symmetric ornaments and mandalas are among the specialties of the tattoo artist Chaim Machlev Donna Tinta sorts the colors, disinfects her hands, unpacks the disposable needles and puts on sterile […]

Tattooed Celebrities in Photoshop

Would it change your opinion of tattoos if you found out that your favorite movie star or actor was covered in them? Seattle-based artist Cheyenne Randall explores this question with his digitally-altered photos, which portray actors, musicians, and other famous figures past and present covered nearly head to toe in tattoos. Let us know who […]