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Hand/neck/finger/face tattoos and why I won’t do them on you

I got a LOT of ‘asks’ about why I’ve decided not to tattoo the hands/necks/fingers/faces of my clients anymore, so rather than respond to each I’ll put a little something here. This is something I’ve been considering implementing for quite some time and a particularly negative experience the other day tipped the scales. This decision […]


Tattooing—both the acts of getting and giving tattoos—is a complicated thing. In fact, there are way more ins-and-outs to the process than the average person realizes. If you don’t spend 60 hours a week in a tattoo shop you might not know all of the proper etiquette that will make your session go far more […]


When I started noticing semicolon tattoos becoming prevalent within the tattooing community I couldn’t help but wonder what the significance of it was. It had to be something much more significant than a movement bucking Kurt Vonnegut’s most hated punctuation mark, and it turns out that it is. The Semicolon Project was created to raise awareness […]

18 Struggles Anyone Who Has A Tattoo Will Understand

So, you’re thinking of getting a tattoo. Maybe you’ve got a design drawn up, maybe you haven’t, or maybe you just think, ‘Eh, why not?’ WHOA THERE! Before you start looking up reviews of your local artists, or working out which friend’s being dragged along with you for moral support, there are several things you […]

Parents Get Tattoos To Match Daughter’s Birthmark That Covers Half Her Body

The parents of a little girl with a bright red birthmark that covers almost half of the right side of her body tattooed themselves with the same markings so she wouldn’t feel alone. Tanya Phillips (40), said the birthmark is a side effect of medical difficulties her daughter experienced after birth. “She’s struggled to breathe […]